Max with a rainbow newspaper stating 'Lang Leve Rembrandt'

Max Müller-Eberstein


Currently an ELLIS PhD Fellow with Prof. Barbara Plank, co-supervised by Prof. Rob van der Goot, and Prof. Ivan Titov, with a research focus on Quantifying Linguistic Variation. Primarily, I am based at the IT University Copenhagen's NLPnorth Lab and LMU Munich's MaiNLP Lab, with additional affiliations at the University of Edinburgh, and the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence.

My main theoretical interest concerns bridging seemingly disparate modalities by identifying overlaps between their fundamental, information-theoretic structures, e.g., via structural similarities across languages, or consistentcies across visual art and music. In practice, I am interested in applying these cross-modal mappings to improving the accessibility of information for underserved communities.

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Research Featured

Jul 2024
MIT Press
Hypernetworks for Personalizing ASR to Atypical Speech
Müller-Eberstein=, Yee=, Yang, Mantena and Lea (2024)
To appear in Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL)
Dec 2023
Subspace Chronicles: How Linguistic Information Emerges, Shifts and Interacts during Language Model Training
Müller-Eberstein, van der Goot, Plank and Titov (2023)
In Findings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)
Dec 2022
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Spectral Probing
Müller-Eberstein, van der Goot and Plank (2022c)
In Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)
May 2022
Dublin, Ireland
Probing for Labeled Dependency Trees
Müller-Eberstein, van der Goot and Plank (2022a)
In Proceedings of the 60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
Nov 2019
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Translating Visual Works of Art into Music
Müller-Eberstein and van Noord (2019)
In Workshop Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision 2019 (ICCV)
Best Poster Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School 2020 (EEML)

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2020 – 2024
Copenhagen, Denmark
Munich, Germany
Edinburgh, UK
IT-Universitetet i København / IT University of Copenhagen
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München / LMU Munich (affiliated)
Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann / University of Edinburgh (affiliated)
ELLIS PhD Fellow, Natural Language Processing, with Prof. Barbara Plank
co-supervised by Prof. Rob van der Goot, and Prof. Ivan Titov
2017 – 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Universiteit van Amsterdam / University of Amsterdam
Master of Science, Artificial Intelligence
supported by a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
2014 – 2017
Heidelberg, Germany
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg / Heidelberg University
Bachelor of Arts, Computational Linguistics


2020 – present
Copenhagen, Denmark
IT-Universitetet i København / Computer Science Department
ELLIS PhD Fellow, Project Supervisor and Teaching Assistant
2023 – present
Copenhagen, Denmark
Pioneer Centre for Artifical Intelligence / Speech and Language Collaboratory
Affiliated Researcher
Seattle, USA
Apple Inc. / AI/ML / Accessibility
Machine Learning Research Intern
Cambridge, UK
Apple Inc. / AI/ML / Siri
Machine Learning Research Engineer Intern
Seattle, USA
Amazon Inc. / Alexa AI / Intelligent Decisions Team
Language Engineer Intern


Nyborg, Denmark
Scientific Contributions in Resource-constrained Environments
National Data Science PhD Meetup 2.0, Danish Data Science Academy (DDSA)
Tokyo, Japan
What's in a Task?
ML Waseda, Waseda University
Uppsala, Sweden
What Even Is a Domain?
Språkteknologi Seminar, Uppsala University
Copenhagen, Denmark
What We Share — A Language Model's Perspective
Multi* Workshop on Linguistic Variation, IT University of Copenhagen
Edinburgh, UK
Subspaces of Linguistic Variation
EdinburghNLP Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh
Cambridge, UK
Quantifying Linguistic Variation
Language Technology Lab Seminar Series, University of Cambridge
Saarland, Germany
Surfing Through Audio-Semantic Latent Space
29. Tagung der Computerlinguistik-Studierenden, Universität des Saarlandes


Copenhagen, Denmark
Course Organizer
Communicating State-of-the-art NLP Research to a Broader Audience, IT University of Copenhagen
2021 – 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Munich, Germany
Guest Lecturer
Introduction to NLP and Deep Learning, IT University of Copenhagen
Vertiefung der mathematischen und linguistischen Grundlagen der Computerlinguistik, LMU Munich
2021 – 2022
Copenhagen, Denmark
Musical Impressions and Album Art: Investigating the Patterns, IT University of Copenhagen
Pylophonic: Multi-instrument Music Generation with Transformer-XL, IT University of Copenhagen
2015 – 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Heidelberg, Germany
Teaching Assistant
Introduction to NLP and Deep Learning, IT University of Copenhagen
Introduction to Computational Linguistics, Heidelberg University
Advanced Programming: Java, Heidelberg University
Mathematical Foundations, Heidelberg University


Multiple Venues
Area Chair and Reviewer for NLP Conferences
ACL 2024, NAACL 2024, ACL 2023, EACL 2023, EMNNLP 2022, WiNLP 2022, NAACL 2022, CoNLL 2021 Outstanding Reviewer
2016 – 2024
Multiple Venues
Conference/Workshop Chair
The 9th Workshop on Noisy and User-generated Text (W-NUT at EACL 2024)
Multi* Workshop on Linguistic Variation at ITU Copenhagen
26. Tagung der Computerlinguistik-Studierenden
2015 – 2017
Heidelberg, Germany
Elected Member to the Faculty, Institute and Student Councils
Computational Linguistics, Faculty of Neophilology, Universität Heidelberg